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Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) serves as the connecting link between UAE citizens and non-citizens, on the one hand, and the entire world on the other. The Ministry is responsible for several duties related to foreign affairs, including foreign relations, organizing communication between the country’s ministries, and several other services that benefit individuals, businesses, and diplomats.
  • The following blog explains the presence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in relation to business incorporations. Among its responsibilities is attesting certificates issued outside the UAE. When a foreign company wishes to establish a branch in the UAE, it must attest its entire parent document from MOFA in their respective country and in the UAE. MOFA must attest documents of parent companies, such as articles of association, incorporation certificates, or board resolutions prepared by foreign companies, before the branch company can be established
  • Besides business documents, any document that will serve as a proof in the UAE must also be attested by MOFA. Any personal documents, such as educational certificates, birth certificates, or marriage certificates, must be attested by UAE if they are to be used as proof for the processing of a residency visa or for any other government-related work.
    • To issue Power of Attorney outside the UAE, as well as business and personal documents, an attestation from MOFA is required. A Power of Attorney made outside of the UAE will only be accepted by Dubai Court if it is attested by MOFA.
    • Furthermore, even when invoices are generated outside the United Arab Emirates, the authenticity of the signatures and stamps will be verified, as will the stamps and stamps on invoices from the UAE.
    • If the UAE does not have an embassy in the concerned country, documents must be approved by the concerned country’s embassy in the UAE. If the concerned country does not have an Embassy in the UAE, documents must be notarized by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs accredited to the UAE (e.g., Mauritius, Jamaica, Moldova).
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