A To Z Guide For Company Formation For Ajman Offshore Company

Overview About Ajman Offshore Company

  • Ajman Government introduced regulations in 2014 for offshore company formation inside Ajman free zone.
  • Ajman offshore maintains high reputation with international financial authorities.
  • 100% foreign ownership is allowed.
  • Bank account of an offshore company registered with RAKEZ can be opened in multi currencies.
  • Ajman offshore company can only be registered through a registered agent.
  • Ajman offshore company is not allowed to rent an office location in UAE.
  • Ajman offshore company cannot conduct banking and insurance business
  • Ajman offshore company is allowed to own real estate.
  • Ajman offshore companies are allowed to own shares in onshore LLC.
  • Names of shareholders and directors are not displayed on the public register.
  • Since 2019, it is mandatory to submit ESR notifications for all offshore companies as per the ministry of economy.
  • Offshore company does not fall under VAT levied by Government.

Key Benefits of Registering Ajman Offshore Company

Asset protection

Succession planning

Privacy and Anonymity

Low operational cost

Operational bank account in multi currency

Invoicing internationally for trading and services businesses

Owning freehold real estate in Ajman

Owning shares in mainland LLC

Minimum Legal Requirements for Ajman Offshore Company

  • Minimum one share holder is required.
  • Corporate company can also be a share holder in an offshore company. However all attested documents are required for a foreign corporate company.
  • Having director is must in an offshore company. Director names are not available in public domain.
  • Appointment of secretary is must in JAFZA offshore.
  • Share holders names are not available on public domain.
  • Documents Required to Register Ajman Offshore Company

    Passport copy

    Utility bill clearly showing name and address not older than 90 days

    Bank reference letter from any recognised bank or bank statement

    CV for the share holder

    Business plan

    Duly filled in application form

    Any other compliance process adopted by an authority or registered agent

    Popular Business Activities in Ajman Offshore Company

    Property holding

    Asset or share holding

    Investment holding in form of stocks, precious metals and funds

    International trading

    International consultancy services

    Holding IP rights

    Special Note

    • An offshore company registered in Ajman is not allowed to conduct any business inside UAE.
    • An offshore company registered in Ajman is allowed to own asset inside United Arab Emirates.
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